Our Process

Elemental Gin is hand crafted using traditional distillation methods to add character and class to the elixir in your glass.

Only under the direct command of our Master Distiller can creation proceed; the following steps being what make Elemental Gin so special. We gently steep our secret blend of twelve botanicals in warm organic spirit overnight to release the oils before straining and beginning the distillation process. As the distillate comes through our copper headed still, we separate the heads and tails and discard them and only keep the very heart of the distillate. This is a pivotal moment in the creation of Elemental, as only by the use of scent does the master distiller know when to collect this prime distillate, something that takes a great deal of skill and practice to master, a true art form.


The heart of the distillate condenses at approximately 80% alcohol and we then add Cornish spring water to balance it down to 42%.

It is a precious moment when the heart of Elemental and spirit of Cornwall combine, creating a luxurious full-bodied drinking experience. Our hands-on approach to production and distillation means that each small batch is unique and contains subtle differences in flavour, a sure sign of true artisan quality. We individually bottle, label and wax-seal each batch by hand, a genuine labour of love.