Botanicals & Flavour

The botanicals in Elemental Gin are the ingredients that make our gin so special;the lifeblood of our spirit, infusing it with that special something.

We have spent many months tasting and choosing only the finest herbs and spices to go into Elemental. The twelve individual botanicals we have used were each carefully selected for their character and potency to add different facets to the overall aroma, taste and feel of the final spirit and were chosen to give Elemental Gin the individuality we think it deserves. These botanicals include Juniper berries from Croatia, Coriander seed from Spain, Cassia bark from China and Orris root from Morocco.The remainder of the recipe is a closely guarded family secret. The only way to get your hands on it is to experience Elemental Gin the way we originally intended; in a glass with good company.

The reward of intensive research and the wholehearted passion of our team has created a wonderfully complex and well balanced gin that mixes complete dryness with delicious grassy overtones and a long, gentle spicy finish.Elemental is a full bodied gin that takes your hand and dances across your palate with character and grace.

We are conscious of the environment; only Organic English alcohol grain and locally sourced Cornish spring water are used in the production of Elemental Gin, resulting in the spirit of Cornwall being bottled alongside delicate yet defined flavours of international elegance.